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What Dutch Schultz Had to Say Part 4 (Last Part)

Schultz: Move on, Mick and mamma. All right, dear, you have got to get it.

(At this point the nurses changed the dressing, 4:40 P.M., and "Schultz" aked for a drink of water which was given to him. When one of the nurses was taking off one of his garments he said, "look out for my xxxxx ring.")

Mrs. Flegenheimer was brought in. Mrs. Flegenheimer: This is Francis.

"Schultz": Then pull out, I am half crazy. They won't let me up. They died my shoes, open those shoes here. Give me something; I am so sick. Give me some water, the only thing that I want. Open this up, break it so I can touch you. Dennie, will you please get me in the car. Now he can't butt in. Please, Nick, stop chiseling. (Mrs. Flegenheimer left the room)

Question by Detective: Who shot you? A: I don't know; I didn't even get a look. I don't know. Who can have done it? Anybody. Kindly take my shoes off.

Q: They are off. A: No, there is a handcuff on them. The Baron does these things.

(Schultz): I know what I am doing here with my collection of papers, for crying out loud. It isn't worth a nickle to two guys like you or me, but to a collector it is worth a fortune; it is priceless. I am going to turn it over to...Turn your back to me please, Henry. I am so sick now. The police are getting many complaints. Look out. Yey, Jack; hello, Jack. Jack, mamma. I want that G-note. Look out, for Jimmie Valentine, for he is an old pal of mine. Come on, Jim, come on, Jimmie; oh, thanks. O.K. O.K. I am all through; I can't do another thing. Hymie, won't you do what I ask you this once? Look out! Mamma, mamma! Look out for her. You can't beat him. Police, Mamma! Helen, mother, please take me out. Come on, Rosie. O.K. Hymes would not do it; not him. I will settle...the indictment. Come on, Max, open the soap duckets. Frankie, please come here. Open that door, Dumpey's door. It is so much, Abe, that...with the brewery. come on. Hey, Jimmie! The Chimney Sweeps. Talk to the Sword. Shut up, you got a big mouth! please come help me up, Henny. Max come over here... French Canadian bean soup...I want to pay, let them leave me alone...

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