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Y2K Solutions
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the dreaming satellite: destroy all musik
you have recieved authorization to enter this sector
please discontinue use if you experience any of the following symptoms:
* vomiting
* headaches
* vertigo
* hallucinations
* rash or other skin disorders

[ Brought to you by the dreaming satellite and ]


Album Title
Song Title

more shite
more bollocks

!WARNING!if you are a hydra faction program
prepare to recieve crash data in 3.2
clicks. !WARNING!

kraut rock

german experimentalism und "hard rach" auf der 1970's ( present?).

click here: musique non-stop

first wave punks

the british punk rock explosion: 1976-1980.

click here: 1-2-x-U


current artists in the electronic music genre(s).

clck here: planet of sound

videodrome 2000

unusual films to amuse yourself & torment your loved ones.

click here: videodrome 2000
click here: automatic writing (animation)

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