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videodrome 2000

(the persistence of vision)

...The motion of the still image frames passing the light source at 127 frames per second creates an effect known as the persistence of vision. This is an hallucination caused by the brain's refusal to acknowledge the presence of the intrusive frame lines and stiff movements caused by the sequenced images passing across the screen. The brain in effect "substitutes" what it knows (through learned experience) should be happening rather than trying to interpret the confusing data it is in fact recieving from the flickering images. Thus, when an individual views a film, both visual (as explained above) and aural (the illusion that the images are the actual source of the soundtrack) hallucinations occur. In this manner the individual viewing the film is experiencing quite similar phenomena to that of an individual under the influence of psychedelic drugs such as l.s.d or alternate reality... the reality of the dreaming satellite...

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What Dutch Schultz Had to Say Part 3

Q: Was it the big fellow? A: I don't know.

Q: When you were coming out of the Toilet? A: I don't know. Pick me up. No, no, you have got to do it as I see it. Please take me out of the bed.

Q: The doctor wants you to lie quiet. A: That is what I want to do. I can't come; express office was closed. Oh, mamma, mamma. Please, please...

Q: How many shots were fired? A: I don't know; none.

Q: How many? A: two thousand; come on, get some money in that treasury; we need it; come on, please get it; I can't tell you to. You are telling the truth, aren't you, Mr. Harris. That is not what you have in the book. Oh, yes I have. Oh, please, warden. Please. What am I going to do for money. How is that; how do you like that? Please put me on my feet, at once. Thank you, Sam, you are a boiled man; I do it because you ask me to. Did you hear me? i would hear it, the Circuit Court would hear it, and the Supreme Court might hear it. Come on, pull me up, sir. All right. Cam Davis. Oh, please reply. N.R.A. If that ain't the payoff. Please crack down on the Chinaman's friends and Hitler's commander. All right, I am sore and I am going to give you honey if I can. look out. We broke that up. Mother is the best bet and don't let Satan draw you too fast.

Question by Detective: What did the big fellow shoot you for? A: Him? John? Over a million, five million dollars.

Q: You want to get well, don't you? A: Yes.

Q: Lie quiet. A: Yes, I will lie quiet.

Q: John shot you, we will take care of John. A: That is what caused the trouble. Look out. All right, Bob. Please get me up. If you do this you can jump right here in the lake. I know who they are; they are French people...Malone... All right; look out, look out! Mamma, mamma...oh, memory is gone. A work relief...police. Who gets it? I don't know and I don't want to know, but look out. It can be traced. That is the one that done it, but who had that one; oh, oh, Mamma, please let me get up. XXX He changed for the worse. Please, look out; my fortunes have changed and xxxxcome back and went back since that. It was desperate Ambrose, a little kid. Please; look out...Look... Mike...please, I am wobbly. You ain't got nothing on him, but we got it on his helper. Please...

Q (Detective): Control yourself. A: But I am dying. Q: No, you are not

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